YouTube progress update

Over the weekend, I spotted a notification that YouTube was altering the monetization process (how you make money on YouTube).  Specifically, until a channel has 10,000 views or more, they simply won’t play advertisements or monetize – the channel is too small.  By all means, I don’t blame them, they need to make sure that they are not wasting time on the small startups, before they become sizable enough to matter.

Unfortunately, my channel, as much as it is, is one of those small startups that don’t really matter.  To date, I have a count of:

  • 10 subscribers
  • 6 months of active content (every other week or so)

In all honestly, the content is not very professional, and the material is rather boring at times.  But I continue to evolve the channel, and hopefully can start to contribute material that is not only engaging, but actually entertaining.

As always, if you enjoy the content, let me know.  Like or Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and leave me feedback either on the videos or on this site.  If there is something you want to see differently, or just something else you would like, let me know.  Not going to deal with trolls, but if there is legitimate feedback, I am more than willing to learn.


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