Watching Paint Dry

I have been planning to get back into miniature painting again for some time, and even went to the effort of designing and configuring a new youtube channel.  However, it has taken until now for me to actually get started.  Hopefully by the time this posts, I will have an actually painted miniature, with a video to follow, but for now, here is the clean and pre-primed base image of the first lucky figure, Clovis, from the base set of Zombicide: Black Plague.

Update – What was supposed to be a nice posting with a fully painting miniature ended up a bit of a disaster.  Ready to go, camera set and running, I started to pour out some paint.  Unfortunately, the paint I have is rather old, and the nozzles are more than a little clogged with old paint.  Some attempts to clean it, and a bit of pressure on the bottle, and next thing I know, the cap pops off and liquid paint blasts out.  This splattered across the desk, the wall, my shirt and paints, and much of my face.  I even managed to get a very small amount on the figure itself.  Needless to say, my time was then spent cleaning, rather than painting, and it is back to the design phase to possibly replace some of the old paints.

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