Editing the videos

Spending more time on the editing process, this time for the latest Pathfinder video, and struggling to find a rhythm.  As I have previously posted, for each hour of content, it seems to take about 3 hours of editing in order to pare it down to about 10 minutes of final material.  For a 5 hour game session, that means it takes many evenings devoted to the editing to get to the posted video.  And as a result, that can be difficult to stay motivated and focused on moving forward.

Part of the reason may be my tools – my camera in particular is challenging, since there is no audio input option.  As a result, the audio and video is separately recorded, and one night during the process is devoted entirely to combining and synchronizing the two sets.  The video quality of the camera is a separate issue, but doesn’t directly impact the timing.

But other than that, it may be the way I end up editing and chopping up the video.  I am by no means a “training” videographer – almost everything I do I have been doing through research and self-taught learning.  Which means I most likely am not editing in the most efficient manner, or likely with perhaps not the most efficient software.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the workflow, or with what software options to use, I would love to hear your feedback.  Perhaps that will help enough such that I can move thru the material at a faster pace, which in turn means I can create that much more content.

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