Bullet journaling

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a couple of new notebooks, with the intent of managing a variety of activities.  In particular, I wanted a way to track the various work related activities.  I had previously experimented a bit with the process known as Bullet Journaling, but fundamentally, I couldn’t really get behind the method.  For me, it seemed forced to pre-create a list of action items, and then work on completing them – I mainly had too many items to track and recall, so it didn’t work reliably.  Thus it was abandoned after a few days.

Instead, the approach I am taking is what I interpret as a modified bullet journal (or at least my interpretation of the process).  Sitting down at the computer, I go thru my emails from the previous night, and for each one, create a journal entry and action item.  If complete or just for notification, I mark it off.  Otherwise, I have an action list for followup items and actions.  As more email comes in thru the day, I add to the list.

I still keep to the standard of one day per page, and some other pieces, but thus far (after about 2 weeks), the process is working.  I have noticed that I am far more away and able to track the various items, which helps significantly.  And I no longer feel that action items are slipping thru the cracks.

Of course, it will remain to be seen if this remains a long term method, but for now, the notebook is working well.

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