For the past many months, I have been posting videos of our Pathfinder gaming sessions, and have had interest in expanding the scope to my other games.  However, one challenge that I have found is that although I have video capability, fundamentally it is all a static scene.  As such, the “video” aspect is very minimal, and really the content is almost all audio.  Sure, I add a few graphics here and there, but the impact is minimal.

As such, I am experimenting with converting most of the content and format instead into a podcast format instead – purely audio instead of video.  Some activities would stay in video (Armada and other board games), a format in which a changing board makes sense.  But the roleplaying sessions would become audio only for the time being, at least until I can develop a process to make video worthwhile.

My intent is to wrap up the current Pathfinder chapter in video, as well as convert each session to a podcast.  And add future Hero System games in podcast format.  Stay tuned for links and feeds related to this new experiment.

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