Hero System

So, change in plans (again), and my efforts for miniature painted are derailed.  After our last non-Pathfinder gaming session, the second group I participate in (which is not recorded or posted) dropped our current Warhammer FRP roleplaying campaign.  Not exactly sure why, but one of the players had had enough, and the rest agreed that it was likely time to wrap it up.  Not a major concern, since I was a player, though it is nice to be able to be the player rather than the GM at times.

After much debate, we settled on switching GMs to myself, and switching games to Hero System, specifically with a Superhero based story.  Due to numerous difficulties with the system in the past, primarily around character balance and player interpretation of the rules, it was decided that the GM (me) would pre-generate the team of heroes, and the players would then use those.  That way in concept all the heroes are balanced, and the storyline can actually relate to the characters.

Of course, that results in the bulk of the work being mine, especially since I was the one who made the suggestion of Hero System (I had also offered Shadowrun).

Fast forward to Tuesday, and I have actually developed 6 solid character concepts, which I think will fulfill the needs of the group.  That gives us a spare in case of guest players, and still have some flexibility for the group.

In the coming days, I will showcase each of the characters, and share the developed backgrounds, at least to the extent that the other players would be aware.  Each character is developed with a number of “secrets” – information that they are aware of, but may or may not be willing to share – so those pieces will be reserved until the full group is informed (to avoid spoilers).

So that the group can select their characters, I prepared a spread of 6 “stat cards”, very basic descriptions and relative power levels, from which they can choose, before each received the details related to their specific character.

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