Hardly a stable week

So just when I am starting to get comfortable that my network and server configuration is nice and stable, of course I suffer an outage.  If you had been trying to reach my site over the last couple of days (since Saturday), most likely the connection was up and down.  This was due to an apparent disruption within my AT&T provider service.  Initially, they thought it was the router in my home – so they scheduled a next-day technician.  The following morning, the router was self-corrected and working again, so they claimed “line noise” – and sent the technician out anyway.  As expected, the tech was unable to see anything on the router or the line connection, though he ran thru his various tests.  In the end, he offered a replacement (which would likely not have gained anything), and did a factory reset on the existing box.  He then left, with the internet service functional.

Unfortunately, that factory reset wiped my custom configuration in which I use IP Passthrough to connect my personal router to the AT&T provided router, and host my website and other functionality.  Of course, I never really wrote down all the configuration (my error), so it became a trial and error process to recreate and reconnect everything.  The connection wasn’t too hard, but for some reason my connection to the site, when I was in my home, would not reconnect – although external access appeared to be functional.  Since every test or option I had seemed to require a reboot of the network, that meant I had to wait until Monday to resolve (since the family likes their internet access to be working).

At this point though, I believe it is all resolve and everything is once again connecting, functional, and stable – at least until the next ISP outage happens…

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