On the videos that I have posted for Star Wars Armada, you may have noticed the starfield game mat that has been used.  This is a product from a company named Gamematz (, from which I have started to order various gaming covers.  The big advantage I found with Armada is that they not only offer a mat in the regulation 3×6 ft size, but they also have an option to add the deployment zones onto the mat is a very subtle highlight.  Makes set up for the game much faster.

As a result of the quality, I just ordered an additional mat, this time the Muddy Terrain mat, for use with my other son and our Runewars Miniature gaming (though it will no doubt be used for other games as well).

Also tossed in some acrylic Magic the Gathering tokens for my older son, which he will likely get a lot of use out of as well.

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