Video challenges

So here I am on my latest round of work-related travel, when I discover that my intended video sync-up on my laptop did not take place as planned.  As a result, I am stuck downloading the 22 GB file over hotel wi-fi from my home server.  Not a good start to my attempt to get caught back up on my editing efforts for the Pathfinder game.  Fingers crossed it will be completed by the time this is posted, so I can start the editing, but I honestly am not counting on that.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much alternative time once I get home, between a promised game of Runewars with the younger son, and visiting the older son at Boy Scout camp, before the next round of gaming happens on Sunday.

For obvious reasons, my hope to start a miniature-painting stream have shuffled to the lower priority as well, and I am not making much progress there either.

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