My credit card went on vacation

Had a bit of excitement over the weekend, when I was notified that my credit card was being used in San Francisco to take Lyft trips.  Normally not a concern, except that I have not been to San Francisco in many years.  From what I can tell, during our recent trip to Disney World, our card got skimmed, and it then became active in California.

Overall, not a big hassle – the card company of course immediately cancelled the card, and is clearing the charges – but it did cause a bit of challenge since that is the same card I was using for my routine auto-pay bills.  With the change of cards, and a 3 day lag before the replacement arrived, I had to scramble a bit to cover various bill deadlines.

As always, it pays to watch your finances and keep track of your activity.  Otherwise, this could have been a lot more damaging and disruptive.

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