Video editing timing

An unfortunate side effect of the effort to record our gaming sessions is the lengthy amount of time required for the editing of the video.  Initially, I was posting the videos in nearly raw format, which means the 5 hour session was posted as a 5 hour video, complete with all the sides conversations, distractions, and noise.  As exciting (not) as many of these videos are, 5 hours is a bit excessive, so I starting editing the videos for content and length, and the more recent sessions clock in at around 45 minutes.  Much more concise, though still a stretch for anyone to really watch, unless they are far more interesting than I expect for anyone other than our gaming group.

However, in order to do this, my general expectation is about 2 hours of editing work for every 1 hour of video – so a 5 hour game session takes about 10 hours to edit, adjust, color correct, and add graphics.  Which is why some of the videos take a while before they end up getting posted.

That being said, our latest Pathfinder session from 6/18 is mid-process.  About half of the editing is complete, I have the rest to do tonight, and then the addition of graphics will be done tentatively Thursday or Friday.  That would target Saturday for the posting of the video, just in time for the next game session on Sunday, when I start the process all over again.

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