Quest listings

While I have been editing the latest game session video, I noticed that the number of quests and missions the group is being asked to tackle is starting to grow quite a bit, and there is some confusion starting to creep in.  In addition, I am having my own difficulties managing and remembering all the details, especially when it comes to promised rewards and gains.

As such, I decided it was time for another “enhancement” to the game, a relatively simple idea, in which I document and hand out the quests similar to bounty posters or such.  This is something that I did a long time ago when another group attempted the Kingmaker campaign, but I haven’t really seen the need to do so again until now.

The writeups are simple, basically just a title, a bit of background and detail, who is looking for the mission to be done, and what if any promised rewards there are.  This way the group has a reference so that they don’t forget important items, and I have a reference so that they don’t get short changed on rewards.

It is just one of several lessons I am learning from reviewing the prior game sessions in detail, which hopefully will lead to a stronger game.

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