Breaking the chain

So I haven’t been that successful continuing my ongoing chain of postings recently, after missing yesterday’s deadline yet again.  The good news is the habit is strong enough to make me realize the miss, but not strong enough to keep me from avoiding it.

In truth, I have been allowing myself to get rather distracted.  Between getting back from vacation, resuming work, various projects around the house, a renewed interest in Ark: Survival Evolved, and the acquisition of Total War: Warhammer during the current Steam summer sale, I have been doing far more entertainment and far less “productive” tasks.

The latest Pathfinder session is waiting to be edited – I have the initial audio and video sync done, and the intro and outro pieces completed, but I need to go thru and edit the main bulk for content and time.  Hopefully will be a fast process, this last game wasn’t all that productive with several distractions happening during the game time.  Since I am travelling for work again this week, I should hopefully have time to complete that task before I get back, assuming I don’t allow myself to get distracted.

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