Star Wars Armada – Capture the VIP

Another round of Star Wars: Armada, facing off the Rebels and Imperials again.  Mission of choice this time was Rescue the VIP, which ended up not being a big factor in the victory, though it certainly influenced initial tactics.

Audio continues to be solid, though this time perhaps a bit overly sensitive, due to the amount of background noise in the room and the level of echo.  Picture was better, due to some heavy color correction, after I thought I had a better angle but only increased the glare on the map.

This time the video is heavily edited down for time and content, which brings the 2-3 hour game to a 30 minute video.  Hopefully that works a lot better for anyone willing or interested in watching.  My process continues to evolve (and I hope improve), as I add different pieces to the template I am using.

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