Might have broken the site

Perhaps I am overly obsessive, but since I am newer blogger, I tend to check my daily stats with some regularity.  More from a sense of small accomplishment, rather than any expectation of a growing audience.  However, since I rebuilt my FreeNAS server, which meant a restore of the site, my visit count has crashed to 0 (from a huge number of 3).  I am assuming those other “visitors” are automated bots scouring the web, which no doubt have now become confused by the size-able re-alignment of the site links.  But if these happen to be the one or two true visitors, my apologies for any disruption.  Obviously, I will be attempting to avoid such issues in the future.


And… it appears to be fixed.  I apparently had a problem during my site restore, and the custom content (pictures, etc) were not fully restored.  I manually re-ran that process, and graphics are back.

I also had a problem with the default LAMP install of Ubuntu – apparently the Apache mod_rewrite module (which auto-creates links and such) is not enabled by default.  Once that was corrected, all the article links began working again.

Hopefully this will resolve the web crawler errors as well, once the site is able to be indexed.

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