Video opportunities

Since I have been attempting to film various activities over the last few weeks, I have started to notice that the interest level and opportunities for filming are actually becoming more common.  It is almost as if having used the process, I am more in tune with it, and are seeing more options.  But more so, friends and family are considering it as well, though they limit themselves to the idea, without the actual activity (still camera shy).

A case in point was this last Sunday, in which for Easter we spent time with the inlaws.  During the course, we decided to play a game of Catan, something we do on occasion (but haven’t in some time).  Jokingly, the suggestion was that I should record the session to post, which of course I was willing, but had not thought ahead to bring my camera.  During the game, the topic came up several times, both to reference what previously happened, as well as to catch some of the more spontaneous reactions.

The next day, the wife commented that she had seen a video someone else had done of the same activities, and again suggested that I should have recorded it.

Just a case of lost opportunities, but make me think I need to start bringing my equipment with me just about everywhere I end up going.

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