The pencil box, revisited

As part of my ongoing efforts with videos, I recorded my recent wood working project to craft an art pencil box for the wife.  Following the project, I had several hours of footage, which I finally managed to start to tackle last night.  Audio is non-existent – the video camera mic is terrible, and I didnt bother with the H1 since all you would really hear is the sound of power tools.  Instead, I intend to record a narration, once I have the video pared down to a reasonable point.

To that end, I spent most of last night, trimming, reviewing, and trimming again.  My first pass, I managed to trim the content down to 30 minutes.  Far more reasonable than 2 hours, but still too long for the project, so I ran thru a second time, and managed to reach a reasonable 13 minutes or so.  I still have some static photos to add at the beginning and end, and perhaps adjust the time lapse of the sanding parts (perhaps edit out a bit as well), so the total time will likely still change.  But the exercise was rather rewarding, as I was able to become fairly comfortable with cutting out all the unnecessary pieces.

This will help me, as I start to get more aggressive in my editing of the other videos, especially our RPG sessions which come in at nearly 5 hours.  I still don’t know who would voluntarily sit thru such a long video, but then I don’t have any other options as of yet, until I can reasonably get comfortable with the process.

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