Star Wars Armada

Played another game of Armada with George on Friday (video will be posted likely in a few days), using my same fleet makeup for the Rebellion as before.  George altered his fleet, to include the massive Imperial Star Destroyer, two small destroyers, and only a small number of squadrons.  The game was hard fought, but turned into a rather decisive victory in the end, despite several valiant sacrifices.  I won’t spoil the results here yet however.

Of particular note, the video should have significantly improved audio this time, thanks to the acquisition of a Zoom H1 audio recorder.  The previously low quality, garbled audio is now replaced by very clear (and very sensitive) audio, which more much better.  So good in fact, that I am fairly sure that the sounds of a square dance group at the same location where we play can be heard in the background.  And their music will likely flag the video, but will have to wait and see how sensitive YouTube is.  So the good news is solid audio, the bad news is that I have to be concerned about background noise now.

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