I had planned on working on version 2 of the art pencil box today, but an unusually late night last night (which I have to blame on video games), plus an early and long work outage call (which I have to blame on work) combined to kill that plan.  The wife instructed me that I was banned from power tools for the day due to a lack of sleep, in case I were to accidentally cut off an arm or hand.  Wood is ready to go, and looking very nice, but I can’t actually get started.

Planning on a complete construction using Purpleheart wood, which I had initially not planned for, but had to adjust to once the wife saw the striking purple color of the wood.  My concern is the overall cost, and my relative inexperience with wood working, but I am always optimistic.  In theory, I may be able to video the process, and perhaps even post a making of video sometime next week.

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