Pre-publishing is better

So, if you have been a long time follower of my website efforts (which would surprise me if there is anyone), you may have noticed that my ability to routinely and regularly post a daily update has improved with this most recent iteration.  Previously, I would post something every day, but then after a few days or weeks, I would get distracted and the activity would drop off.  After a few months, I would either restart the website, or perhaps restart posting, or in some cases simply never repost.  In comparison, this new site has been going strong now for 50+ days, and I have only missed a daily post when either suffering from illness or having technical difficulties.

How did I manage to adjust my habit?  All thanks to the pre-publish option in WordPress, and my ability to schedule a post for a future date.  This allows me to write several posts at the same time, when I have time or topics, and space them out each day of the week.  This turns out to be far more reliable for my workflow, and gives me a stronger sense of accomplishment when I am able to pre-plan several days in advance.  It also makes the postings far more consistent as to what time of the day posts end up showing up (I aim for 5 PM EST each weekday).  It still gives me the option to add additional posts if needed, but helps to smooth out the content far better.

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