Expanded Armada Fleets

I continue to slowly expand my Star Wars Armada collection, adding a single set of each of the various ships at a slow but steady pace.  Since I need to outfit both Rebels and Empire, I try to keep both sides roughly equal by adding equivalent ships each time.

This most recent adds are the Rebel Transports and the Imperial Assault Carriers, a pair of Flotilla class Capital Ships.  Individually, they are very weak (but cheap), but they bring a large number of support abilities and tactics to the fleet.  In addition, they provide a cheap way to bulk out the fleet ship count, to help with initiative tactics.

However, it may be a bit before we can actually use them in the game, both my son and I are heavily invested in the bigger and more aggressive ships, and thus far I haven’t had much need to modify the current fleet list.  However, we have considered expanding the fleet points to 500, which would certainly give a number of additional options.

As to the ships themselves, I continue to be impressed with the quality of the game pieces – both in the detail and design as well as the painting.  The transports are spot on from my memory of the movies, they look and feel like they always have and the detail is complete for a relatively basic ship.  The assault carriers I am sure are accurate, but do suffer a bit from a lack of detail – they simply are small ships, and Imperial vessels tend to be rather blocky.  It doesn’t help that they have only appeared in the expanded TV series, so there is not the same familiarity

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