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Been wanting to resume streaming and YouTube videos, specific to gaming activities, wood crafting, and other miscellaneous projects.  I actually have a small number of existing videos, from the time frame of my prior website presence, but have not had the opportunity or means to create additional content.  Almost all of my gaming these days is live rather than computer based, so I need a camera to record the action.  I tried with my phone, as is fairly common these days, but unfortunately I don’t have enough storage capacity to make that a viable option.

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So after a bit of negotiation, I ended up with a bargain basement camcorder on order from Amazon.  Its a Seree HDV-515 model camcorder, and from the brand name, you can likely tell that it is a cheap knock-off model.  It is also several years old, so the storage is limited to SDHC (max of 32 GB).  That should not be a big problem though, since it is only partially capable of 1080p recording, and I intend to use 720p for a better frame rate.  As of March 7, the model has a list price of $65, so it certainly won’t break the bank.

My challenge though is the lengthy of our gaming sessions – it is not uncommon to have a 6 or 7 hour game.  My intent would be to record all the action as single long video, and then filter, edit, and cut the video down to a reasonable size (those game sessions tend to have a lot of side conversations).

The other concern is audio – the HDV-515 doesn’t have high marks for audio recording.  So I may end up having to experiment with a laptop-based audio recording, and then match them up during the edit process.  Not many concerns about that, I don’t expect it will be difficult, but it does add another step to the process.

Finally, I am concerned that at 720p, it may not be detailed enough for games like Armada to show up clear enough to show all the pieces and markers.  That is part of the reason I argued for a higher end camera, but in the end, price was the major deciding factor, perhaps after a few videos I will have a stronger case for a better option.

Camera should be here in time for our planned Kitchen remodel this weekend, so that will give me plenty of material to test and start with.

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