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It required a few extras days of tweeking, but after my recent issues with the FreeNAS update, I finally have the ability to upload files at the appropriate size limitations.  This means I was able to finally post the Tree template I created recently, as well as link to a couple of new YouTube efforts from recent gaming.

With regards to those two posts, a bit of feedback.  First the Trees were a pretty solid success.  I was quiet happy with how they worked and how they looked, although in the Rise of the Runelords video they are not very visible.  The group seemed happy with them as well, or at least didn’t have any complaints.  During the next session, I expect they will be used more frequently, as the group continues to explore in the forest for the near term.  Hopefully the next session video will be much cleaner.

As to the videos, I continue to evolve my process.  The two big issues I had where audio and video quality – both a reflection of my subpar equipment more than anything else.  I have ordered an upgrade to the sound system (I am currently recording directly to a laptop using a cheap $5 mic), which should help sound quality immensely.  Video quality will no doubt continue to be a challenge, but I am hoping placement may help that at least a bit.  The camera does record in 1080p, although it is only 15 frames per second.  Since the videos tend to be fairly static however, I am hoping the low frame rate wont be a big issue, especially with the higher resolution.  And if I place the camera in a different position, I should not need to digitally zoom, which destroyed most of one of the videos.

If you have any suggestions, I would be open for supportive feedback – this will certainly be a learning curve since video-making is not my area of expertise.

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