Recovering from the weekend

It was a fun filled weekend, as is common with my Dad’s visit.  However, due to the compressed schedule, I need a bit of time to recover.  My dad typically arrives late on Thursday, and stays until Sunday, during which time we try to pack in as many activities and events as possible, including swimming, food, and visiting.  By the end of the weekend, everyone is tired and ready for a rest.  This weekend, we added a trip to the local arcade and a bowling birthday party for Ben, which made it that much busier, along with basketball games and other commitments.

Personally, I had the opportunity to try out modern Virtual Reality, with a setup at the arcade, and came out a bit more worse for the effort.  It is surprising just how tiring holding up a virtual bow can be when you are out of shape.  So tiring in fact that I could only last 17 of the 20 minute session, and three days later, I am still feeling it in my shoulder.  The VR however was top notch, and I am eager to either try it again or potentially even acquire my own gear.

Then Sunday was the bowling party, which involved 3 games of bowling for me for the first time in a year or so.  Although I did decently well for my average (533 total over 3 games), it was not necessarily a “high” score.  And as expected, the day after my legs and hips are arguing a bit for the extra strain and effort.

Obviously, a bit of exercise would do me well, if only to help me handle these exertions better.  That carries its own pain (which makes it difficult to get motivated), but I understand it is temporary, until the body gets used to be used for more than warming a chair.

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