Kitchen remodel time lapse

So, I had the intent during our recent project to film the entire effort, and then provide a time lapse video of the entire process.  The good news is that I collected a lot of footage, on the order of 100 GB of 720p video using my recently acquired camera.  The bad news is that the content is rather boring (even at high speed), and I did not take into account a number of basic issues.  Most notably is my clothing.  Although I can gloss over any self-confidence or body-image issues (I am not a model), I definitely need to be aware of my clothing choices – I picked a t-shirt which was old for the project so I didn’t care about dirt or paint, but it also ended up being a bit small resulting in quite a bit of belly and more being revealed.

In addition, the wife is much less confident, and is unwilling to be filmed.  Although I did end up filming her quite a bit, with respect to her wishes, I would have to edit out a significant portion of the content.  That would take out much of Saturday evening, and a good portion of Sunday and Monday, making most of the transition very rough.

Finally, I simply lost focus.  I had the camera set up to film from the same position, which is good for an overall view of the project, but a lot of the detail was in cabinets or out of view.  This results in a lot of the footage just being of me reaching into a hidden location.  I need to be aware of this, and as needed, reposition the camera to focus on the task at hand.  That would make the work far more relevant, and focused, as well as meaningful.

I still have the raw footage, maybe I will cut it into a smaller effort on specific pieces that make it relevant, but more than likely I will just keep it for my own curiosity.

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