Back from Toledo

Finally back from my regular travel schedule again, this time for more than just the weekend.  As part of my work, I routinely travel to Toledo, which although it is a nice enough city, is not home with the family.  It also makes it difficult to work on my various projects and activities.  Hopefully this weekend we can wrap up the kitchen remodel’s final steps (that tiling has been a slow burn), especially since we have a bathroom remodel schedule in the next weeks.  Also hoping to play some more Armada with George, and I have my regularly scheduled Pathfinder game on Sunday (with the long-term gamers).  Also looking at the start of baseball season with the kids, and upcoming scouting activities.  And then I have my video experiments and efforts, slowing self-teaching myself the best methods to record and broadcast a reasonable quality video on YouTube.

Likely will be a busy week, even without the travel.

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