Star Wars: Armada

Over Christmas, I acquired the Star Wars Armada game, and have been playing quite a bit with my oldest son.  So far, we are really enjoying the game, I have always been fond of capital ship scale war games.  George settled on the Empire as his side of choice, the big ships are just very cool, and I ended up with the Rebels.

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Initially, battles seemed very one-sided, the Empire dominated each engagement, utterly destroying the Rebel fleet.  However, after thinking about the tactics, and increasing the number of squadrons, the tide has changed.  In the last several fights, the Rebels have finished with a commanding lead.  Not necessarily a total victory, but enough to win the battle, and even destroy a few Star Destroyers as well.

The Empire countered by higher more squadrons, especially bounty hunters and TIE interceptors, and now the battles have drawn very much even.  In the latest engagement, the point totals came out practically even, enough so that we declared it a tie, instead of a clear winner.

The next step is to teach the game to a few other players, and get enough to expand the play group.  At that point, I am very eager to try out the Corellian Conflict campaign, and have the challenge on a continuing and lasting campaign.

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