Star Wars: Armada, the New Players

As mentioned previously, I have been playing Star Wars: Armada with my son.  Now, we are working to expand our little fleet group to several new players, Craig and Keith, and Carter and Andy.  The plan is to play on Monday, during the President’s Day holiday, and be able to start earlier in the afternoon so that we can hopefully play a couple of games.

In preparation, I will be setting up the intro game from the core set – 1 Victory SD vs 1 Nebulon B and 1 Corellian Corvette – but adjusting it for 4 players (basically just doubling the fleets).  I should have enough fighter squadrons for both sides, and definitely have enough ships.  Then with the help of George, we can both coach both sides, and hopefully be able to explain the game quickly and clearly both all the new players.

Best case scenario is that everyone enjoys it enough to start to invest in a fleet, so that we can then eventually ramp up to the Corellian Conflict campaign.   But that realistically might not be until this summer at the earliest.

I will post fleet lists before the game, and likely more than a few pictures after the game.  Still a ways to go for me to set up video or streaming battle reports.

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