Another restart :(

So after several months, I have finally seemed to get a handle on the technical difficulties, and get my miscellaneous website up and running again.  In the process, I have lost all the prior content, and have lost several months of time.  I would claim this is due to the difficulty, but in truth it is more due to distractions and lack of motivation.

What is the website about?  Nothing much, and then again everything.  This is a site intended to give me a spot to collect my thoughts, document my various hobbies, and otherwise maintain an internet presence outside of the common social media platforms.

While it be organized?  Though the site itself will be organized, the frequency and topic of choice will no doubt be random and sporadic.  Based on past history, I doubt very much I will be able to maintain a steady stream.  But there might just be enough content to keep some interest, or at least for myself to stay engaged.

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