Rise of the Runelords – the lost episode

So I am rather behind in my podcasts and videos, thanks to various distractions and procrastination.  In particular, I am now 2 episodes of Rise of the Runelords, and after this weekend, 2 episodes of Hero System behind.  Unfortunately, in my struggle to keep the files straight, I erased one of the episodes of RotRL before I had saved the files off of the memory card – thus the first episode of Chapter 4 is now lost.  However, in the silver lining category, this does mean I am only 3 episodes behind now…

Zombicide – Clovis

The finished miniature of the survivor Clovis, from the Zombicide: Black Plague game.  This is painted using the tutorial and guide available at The Army Painter website, for the basic Black Plague gallery.  Although I am using Army Painter War Paints, they are the general series, and not the Zombicide specific line, so some color substitutions were made.  And obviously I am not a professional, so my quality isn’t quite up to the standards in some of their pictures.  For my first model in nearly 20+ years, I don’t think it is all that bad, and I am rather pleased with myself.Would you like to know more?

Successful painting effort

Though I am not yet finished, I had a rather successful second attempt at painting a miniature.  This time, the paint did not explode all over me.  I did determine that my eyesight isn’t quite a good as it used to be – the fine details are rather difficult to see these days – but not enough that I wasn’t able to complete most of the task.

I was able to do the base coat, and apply the washes, but then had to let the figure dry over night before I work on the dry-brushing this evening.  Overally, I am quite happy with the results, and briefly considered leaving the figure as is, and calling it done.  But my goal was full painting, so I am going to wrap it up this evening.

Did not end up video taping the job, mainly due to the effort involved in the camera.  However, I am considering that this may be a worthwhile streaming option for Twitch or YouTube, which would also create the archive video.  Just need to figure out the best way of handling that while travelling.

The Copic marker search begins

Although I have very little familiarity with the product, my wife is very much interested in a complete set of Copic markers, for her artwork and crafting.  The only problem is the very large investment – individual markers run at the $7 or $8 range, with 300 or 400 different colors (not really sure how big the collection is).  Although we can order them thru Amazon, at a decent discount, it is still a large amount of money in a single purchase (about $350 for one of several sets).

Thus the current plan and theory – purchase them individually thru Michael’s Stores – utilizing their in-store 40% discount coupon.  Since we are limited to only a single marker per purchase, this means a very long collection time, since I don’t go to Michael’s very frequently.  With my travel, there is a convenient location, but it limits me to 3 or 4 every other week.

So with a suggested starting color listing in hand, tonight begins the great search and collection project – something that could easily send me to Michael’s and related stores for the next several years.  Stay tuned for the progress.

Painting, attempt 2

After the disaster from a couple weeks ago, in which I managed to destroy a t-shirt and pair of work pants, I am going to try a second attempt this week.  New paints, new approach, same basic plan.  Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

If successful, I should have at least a few before and after pictures to post, and possibly even an in-progress painting video.

A quiet week of procrastination

As I posted before, I have been dealing with foot issues, and have been allowing myself to get distracted with video games.  As such, my content for this week has been minimal, and I am now way behind on the video and audio editing for the podcasts.  My foot issues are gone, which is good, but I have been staying up far too late.  However, I have finally figured out how to play Total War, and have managed to dominate in the game (not really a big accomplishment, since I am on the easiest setting across the board).

After this weekend, I will hopefully be able to get back to focusing on my various projects.