I had planned on working on version 2 of the art pencil box today, but an unusually late night last night (which I have to blame on video games), plus an early and long work outage call (which I have to blame on work) combined to kill that plan.  The wife instructed me that I was banned from power tools for the day due to a lack of sleep, in case I were to accidentally cut off an arm or hand.  Wood is ready to go, and looking very nice, but I can’t actually get started.

Planning on a complete construction using Purpleheart wood, which I had initially not planned for, but had to adjust to once the wife saw the striking purple color of the wood.  My concern is the overall cost, and my relative inexperience with wood working, but I am always optimistic.  In theory, I may be able to video the process, and perhaps even post a making of video sometime next week.

Upgraded memory

Following the video failure during the last Pathfinder game, I opted to update the memory cards in the camera.  As such, I now have a pair of 32 GB cards, which combined should allow for at least 5 hours worth of video.  Unfortunately, that is the largest size of memory card the camera will hold, so I will have to swap them out and offload if the video need ends up being longer (not currently a concern).  Hopefully, this will avoid the lack of video problem I had with this latest round.

Of course, an alternative answer would be a camera upgrade to handle a much larger memory card (and much better camera quality), but this far I can’t really justify the cost.  Not surprisingly, I just don’t have enough video traffic to justify (and fund) any such upgrades.

No Armada this week

Unfortunately, there is not going to be a new Star Wars Armada battle report this week, my son is off with the Boy Scouts enjoying some river rafting.  Instead, my hope is to work on version 2 of the pencil box, this time with some quality wood (thinking Mahogany).  Still pondering how I would do so, but I am planning on trying to film the process, and eventually edit it down to a short wood working video.  A lot of unknowns involved in that process, not the least of which is my potential inability to craft any final product worthy of sharing, but my confidence is as always rather high.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

Battle Planning

In preparation for the next Pathfinder session, I left the group with the task of coming up with their battle plans for Fort Rannick.  If you haven’t caught up on the storyline, reference the latest chapter of the YouTube chronicle.  This is the first time many of the group have even considered such a level of planning, since almost all are very new to roleplaying in general, and Pathfinder specifically.  And to my knowledge, none have tactical military knowledge.  Given their past creativity, I am eager to see what ideas they come up with to even the odds against the ogres.

For their consideration, I prepared a map of the Fort exterior, with some basic notes as provided by their ally Jakardros.  Depending on their ideas, they may be able to gain additional intelligence, before they commit to an assault plan.  And since they have a full 10 players, it is quite possible that they can try two or even three approaches simultaneously, and really play up to the strengths of the different characters.

Of particular challenge will be the group’s spell casters, who need to pre-memorize their spell allotments and plan ahead for the days combats.  By now, all players should understand the ground rules and mechanics, and with their large selection of spells (and enough time to plan), it will be interesting to see the combinations they come up with.

Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.2 (video)

Another round of the Pathfinder campaign, continuing Chapter 3 of the Rise of the Runelords this time.  The group of 10 adventurers are still at level 7, but after their success in the second chapter, managed to gather a small number of magical items to assist with their questing, and have begun to explore the regions around Turtleback Ferry.  This session was unfortunately unable to be attended by 3 of the characters (cleric, wizard, and paladin), which challenged the rest of the team with the reduction in healing ability.

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Woodworking Project – the pencil box

By request of the wife, I spent some time on Saturday, while I was still recovering a bit from the illness, and finished up a project for my son’s school art class.  We had promised to create and deliver a number of basic chipboard easels, so that the teacher didn’t need to continue using cardboard each time.  The materials had been sitting around for a week or two waiting on a bit of motivation and some nice weather to get finished, so I managed to knock those out pretty quickly.

With the scrap material, my wife asked for a pencil art box, to store her growing collection of colored pencils, markers and other art supplies.  With the chipboard and some leftover plywood, I managed to craft together a decent draft version, which would have been a good final product, if not for the cheap materials.  It was my first time attempting to create a rabbet, to slot the chip board into, and after a bit of trial and error, managed to succeed pretty well.  The lid even fit in very nicely, and held shut without much effort.  Unfortunately, the cheap plywood splintered and chipped when I attempted to route over the edges to get a nice curve, and honestly it just wasn’t a high enough grade to bother staining or finishing.  Plus, my wife informed me that I had failed to create enough slots in the box, so it didn’t really meet her needs.

The good part is that it was a solid learning experience, and gives me the confident to try again with more expensive solid woods.  Not sure what material I will try to use, but something better than plywood or pine is probably in order for a long lasting artistic box.