Teamviewer replacement

Running a bit late today, so posting late.  Been distracted, running into issues with my long-term go-to for remote management, Teamviewer.  While trying to update various computers around the house, I started encountering a 5-minute time limit, apparently due to concerns I might be using the software for business purposes.  Although I do not use it for business, I fully admit that my particular household has probably a lot more computers that a typical home owner.  As such, I don’t really blame them for the restrictions.

However, it doesn’t help me with my current needs, so after a bit of investigation, I have opted to convert instead to Remote Utilities.  Same basic idea – remote management – but actually rather more detailed and comprehensive.  And a little more generous – or at least explicit – in their free licensing, allowing a specified 10 remote systems instead of Teamviewer’s “whatever we feel like”.  Has been a bit of a learning curve, both to configure and secure the installation, but so far it is working fairly well.  And I would say it runs noticeably faster than Teamviewer, even with similar performance options.

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