Zombicide – Clovis

The finished miniature of the survivor Clovis, from the Zombicide: Black Plague game.  This is painted using the tutorial and guide available at The Army Painter website, for the basic Black Plague gallery.  Although I am using Army Painter War Paints, they are the general series, and not the Zombicide specific line, so some color substitutions were made.  And obviously I am not a professional, so my quality isn’t quite up to the standards in some of their pictures.  For my first model in nearly 20+ years, I don’t think it is all that bad, and I am rather pleased with myself.

Paint Colors Used:

Base Coat

  • White Primer
  • Plate Mail Metal
  • Bright Gold
  • Elf Green
  • Corpse Pale
  • Matt Black
  • Barbarian Flesh
  • Leather Brown
  • Abomination Gore
  • Wolf Grey


  • Soft Tone (Non-metal)
  • Dark Tone (Metal)

High Lights

  • Pure Red
  • Lava Orange
  • Stone Golem
  • Necrotic Flesh
  • Brainmatter Beige
  • Glistening Blood (Effects)

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