Pathfinder chapter 3.7

Another round of Pathfinder, and another lengthy video and audio collection to edit.  This last game included an attempt to add in Fantasy Grounds to provide some visual aids to the group, which would have also allowed for some initiative graphics in the video – unfortunately my laptop plans fell apart at the start of the game and I could not get the software to work properly.  Ended up giving up on the idea for now, but will likely try again at the next session.

I also found some additional royalty-free music options, which may allow me to add some interest to the video itself.

Overall, the session was a bit shorter than normal, we only gamed for about 3 hours, instead of our typical 5 hours, so once the video is processed it will likely be shorter as well.  Of course, since I am traveling for work over the next couple of weeks, my time to actually edit the video will be limited again.

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