Watching Paint Dry

As if I don’t have enough distractions, I am going to attempt to add yet another one, related to hobby and gaming efforts that have been shelved for quite some time.  A long time ago, I used to paint miniatures for roleplay and wargaming, a task I enjoyed but as life came along, could not spare the time.

I recently received a copy of Zombicide: Black Plague, a game I have been interested in for quiet a while, and this has motivated me to pull out the old paints and start painting again.  Hopefully the old inks and colors are still usable, it has been something like 15-20 years since I have touched them.

As part of that, and in support of my YouTube efforts, I am envisioning a series of painting “tutorials” or demonstrations.  So proactively I have created a new YouTube channel, “Halfling13’s Watching Paint Dry“, to populate with the content.  Who knows if they will be any good, or if I will be able to maintain the content, but look for the first video hopefully in the next week or two.

Current plan is to start with Clovis, and then work thru each of the survivors, before I start on the various zombies themselves.

Zombicide: Black Plague –

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