Another rebuild

In my continuing quest to fine tune my home computer network, I am tackling another reorganization.  Currently, this website and some other functionality is residing on an Oracle VM Virtual Box configuration, running several virtual machines which each in turn run Ubuntu.  It dawned on me, that the same computer which runs the virtual box app, could be reloaded directly with Ubuntu instead, and simply run the same applications natively – ie, there is no real need for isolated and independent OS installs, and the core Windows OS on the system doesn’t really gain anything except for patch reboots and related outages.

As such, I am mid-stream with re-homing the sites to the rebuild computer.  Fortunately, I was easily able to relocate the virtual machines onto other hardware temporarily (allowing the site to remain alive), while I work on the installs.  But (fingers crossed), it should be a short period before I am ready to transition to the updated system.

Hopefully, without the extra overhead of the Virtual Box app, the services will run that much smoother in the future.

UPDATE – appears my efforts have been successful, and the revised site is operational and running correctly.  At this point, I am not aware of anything that is broken, but I will be continuing to review the site for the next couple of days just to make sure.

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