Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.3

Another successful gaming session with our large group, with the start of the assault on Fort Rannick.  In the last session, the group had arrived to find that the fort had been overrun by a large clan of Ogres.  Working with the last survivor of the Black Arrows ranger troop, who had been managing the castle, the group was coming up with various plans to strike back, defeat the ogres, and hopefully eliminate their threat.  This game was the first phase of that attempt, which went surprisingly well for the group, despite their best efforts.

As before, I have recorded the session, and hopefully will be able to edit and publish the session in the next few days.  Based on feedback on prior videos, I am going to try to edit out most of the long boring parts, and stick to only the most relevant – which should make it far shorter than our normal 5 hour session.

Remains to be seen how successful I end up being.

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